"i'm Oh So Popular...i So Love Me!"

Is it just me or does anyone out there also feel that there is a lot of lame competition going on  between us allegedly higher form of intelligent beings – aka humans. Yes healthy competition is good but surely even that is only good when you’re competing for something substantial.

Who has more frens on Facebook....ummm... seriously??? Am i really supposed to take someone seriously when they get all smug about having more frens on FB/friendster/multiply/myspace?


Why do so many people indulge in the obviously flawed notion that a longer list of fans =” i am more popular and more loved and better than that person who has 10 frens lesser than me!”.......... even more ridiculous, half of those frens/fans they’re so proud of don’t even know them... just what they look like......................


I thought it’s quite obvious that people liking how you look is not the same as people liking you.....i don’t know whether to feel sad or mad at these people.......it’s quite pathetic and yet because it’s pathetic i just wanna scream “wake up! Your logic’s all messed up!!” ..... but wait, if you do say that, and you have but only one fren lesser on your list than they do, then you’re gonna get “You’re just jealous!” thrown back at you... and that is even more infruriating.....as non-violent as i am, i could potentially step on someone’s toes (..ummmmm like literally..) if he/she said that to me in response....  


I suppose insecurities can and do really get the better of most people..... if these shallow affirmations make some feel good about themselves i suppose i could be more gracious and just let them bask in the attention..........and i really do ignore it...but when i hear people start to gloat or boast abt stuff like this, talk about it as if it’s a matter of utmost importance,  it just rubs me the wrong way... and i seem to be surrounded by these pple......the other day i had to resort to thinking to myself “ this conversation is not really taking place....we’re just playing a game of nod and pretend to understand...la la la la la la la la la...”


Oh another thing, no offence ladies but it’s mostly women that seem to be afflicted with this nasty preoccupation..... why oh why? .................again, is it just me??

nrskjh nrskjh
26-30, F
Feb 22, 2010