People Who Don't Like To Read..

I HATE it, when you ask a person if they have read this book, or if they would like to read a certain book that you would think they would like.

And they come up with a "Oh sorry, I don't read, I don't like too".

It gets me angry. Because they could be expanding their own knowledge and understanding of things if they DID read. But when they don't, they dumb down more and more. And i'm not talking about the people who don't read because they can't. I'm talking about the people who CAN read just don't. Because they either find it boring, or because they don't feel like it. Meanwhile, who knows when the hell they will ever feel like it since they find it boring in the first place. It's like they can't seem to figure out, that you eventually will HAVE TO READ when you get older and want to work at someplace you  like, you will have to read in order to understand what you want to do in life.

I hear about people who don't like to read and who find it boring, and it tears me up, and gets me extremely angry. So many people in the high school I use to go too never liked to read. Don't they understand, that they could go far in life!?

I feel like saying "Do us all a favor, pick up a god damn book, shove it in your face, and read it. Then you can get the hell out of the school and out of my face were I don't have to hear your voice, 24/7 saying in a whiney tone "But I haaaaaaaaaate reading!! It's boooooring!!!"


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4 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Exactly how I feel. I work at a fast food place, and you'd be surprised (or maybe you wouldn't) as to how many of our customers, who are perfectly able to read, will not even read the menu. To me, that's not just not liking to read, it's lazy.

I can't take your comment seriously with the many sentence errors. =/

I feel you! i don't understand it either... it just seems so wrong. Especially people who actually avoid reading like the plague... i mean, how harmful do they think it is?? I don't get mad though... it just perplexes me. What makes me mad is when people who don't like to read kill the passion of those who do, with negative comments. When people shake their heads when they see me reading.....when they look at the shelves of books in my room and say sthg daft like its a waste of space....grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. <br />
I think i was most upset when a student of mine came up to me to tell me that his dad threw away a couple of his books because his dad said reading was a waste of time! Can you imagine?? That made me want to throw the books at the dad! Of course i had to keep my composure and come up with a diplomatic explanation for the kid. :P

well people who think reading is boring have obviously never read anything.