Are They Even Listening!?

Ok. I don't know if this has ever happend to you before or not. Perhaps. But when your talking to someone, online, or right to them, face to face.

Have they ever ignored your quiestion before? Not once. But several times??

I HATE THIS! A lot. Not only do you ask them once and they ignored it. But they go on and on, as if you never asked them anything! So you think the first time "Ok..Well..I will just wait until there done talking or possibly what they are doing and ask them again"

But once you do. Once they have FINALLY answered to you and stop talking, or, doing what they are doing. You ask them again. Again they ignore your question. As if you never asked anything at all!.

And it's not that they don't see your question, or hear it. Maybe it's possible that they don't care!?. Then what is the point in talking to them?? Don't they understand that it's rude, or the question might be important!.

I hate when people do this.

RivoltaSilenziosa RivoltaSilenziosa
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2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Yeah, that would be my dad.

Or they think that perhaps you shud get the point already that it's not something they wanna talk about, they might be equally frustrated that you keep throwing the question at them :P <br />
But really, it would be so much easier if people just came out straight and said "that's not something i want to address right now"...... i don't understand why so many would rather skirt their way around things... even if they don't want to deal with it they could at the very least acknowledge them..... ok i might just digress into a completely different rant so i'll stop right there. I hope you get your question answered eventually! :)