I Love Rhcp

I am an enormous RHCP fan, I absolutely adore them. I have supported them and worshiped them religiously since the very first time I heard them. First song I ever heard was "Knock me Down", now from my view it was fantastic because you must understand I had never heard anything like it before. Never even heard of the musical style of funk. The first album I purchased was Californication and at this point the album is like the first love to me...it holds such amazing memories. I remember the first time I listened to it was one of the absolute greatest times of my life. It's actually very fun to look back on, I remember I desperately wanted to learn how to play the album in entirety and some years later I have. It's quite a novice album speaking from guitarist's point of view. John had just returned to the band and wasn't as finely polished as he was on the prior album (Blood Sugar Sex Magik) but that's the thing about the Peppers each album is completely different from the previous one(s). When I say I am a fan I mean I am a FAN. Not the average fan who merely likes the hits, no. I own everything, every album, shirts, guitar picks, rarities, DVDS. You name it I own it. I even ended up buying a Sunburst Strat simply because it is one of John's main guitars and I idolize John. I loved I'm With You as well as long with the new B-Sides and I am anticipating the upcoming B-Sides. (Which will be released well into 2013) Actually it's funny because some of my favorite songs are in fact B-Sides. So much so I posted a video of more than 20 B-Sides on YouTube. (Search: "RHCP B-Sides" GenreUnlimited)

Each member is phenomenal and very inspiring to me. My lyrical inspirations consist of Anthony and John (solo lyrics). John is simply surreal, the sheer brilliance and just I don't even know how to verbalize how superb John is. Some of improvisations, Jesus! It's beautiful and emotionally enticing! Google "Don't Forget Me Live". ******* it's as if it's heaven!! Honestly again speaking from a guitarist's view you cannot simply play John Frusciante's work. It is overwhelming. To play something John has written is to put it bluntly orgasmic, it is perfected euphoria. It's quite literally emotionally draining to play John's guitar parts. John Fruscainte is just..it's indescribable. Musical genius, indescribably superb guitarist, magnificent vocalist and as a person he's a ******* genius! YouTube "John Frusciante interview", it is spiritual enlightenment to listen to John speak on anything. John Frusciante is so incredible I do not feel there is a adjective in the English language that is suffice.

Anthony Kiedis very well may  be my biggest lyrical inspiration. He's in the same boat as Kurt Cobain in the sense that the majority find his lyrics to be nonsensical and meaningless. Nothing could be farther from the truth, the lyrics are pure poetry. They are very abstract and the blessed thing is they are interpretive. Each person comprehends the lyrics differently, to each it may mean something entirely different. As a vocalist though I admit at times he is rather amateur vocally however at times I have found his voice to be phenomenal. He certainly has a very distinct delivery. As a person Anthony is very hard to describe in my opinion. His humor is...interesting, very dry. At times he is rather funny though. I don't know how to describe Anthony is just...He's just a different person. Amazing musician nonetheless.

Flea is in my opinion the greatest electric bassist to ever live. In live jams? ****! Flea is on fire, man. And so many of his lines are beautiful as well as many of them being low down dirty and funky, sex. Funk music is sex. Flea personifies this with each bass line I feel. Him and John have such a beautiful chemistry and understanding. They lock in and man, it is indescribably amazing. I don't know how any words could do that justice either. Listening to Flea something begins to be very evident: the band would be absolutely NOTHING without a bass player. Flea quite possibly is RHCP. As a person...ha ha Flea lost his mind somewhere back in 91 - 95 or perhaps never had it but the man is a musical genius. Incredibly intelligent and a very wise individual. A tried and true musician and artist.

Chad ******* Smith. One of the baddest drummers to ever ******* live! Chad is simply fantastic! His drum lines are superb, the whole funky grooves wouldn't be half as infectious without Chad. It's Flea and John much of the time but Chad is a vital piece as well. On older material live Chad simply is beast, goes all out. His beats are just so perfect, right in synch with John and Flea's lines. The three of them sound like a ******* machine! A locomotive charging. He is fantastic, ever member of the Peppers is amazing. As a person Chad is ******* awesome, the coolest guy from what I've seen. He's hilarious too.

If I had to choose one RHCP album after much hesitation it would most likely be Stadium Arcadium. Something about Stadium Arcadium...quite possibly their best album. It's not that I prefer John's balls out guitar hero mastery style to his simplistic "less is more" brilliance but so much guitar work on Stadium is amazing. Specifically if I had to only listen to one it would be the second disc, no question. The second side of SA is simply brilliant. Holy ****, the solo on "Hey". It ALWAYS gets me. The sheer sexual euphoria of John's solo is ******* phenomenal! The ending tracks are some of my favorite RHCP songs. "Death of a Martian" is fantastic. "Make You Feel Better" is awesome. "Animal Bar" is fantastic. I've always adored "Turn It Again" the most. "Wet Sand" is of course phenomenal (one of my favorite songs to play). Much of the more melodic work was the best for me. There was also an abundance of funk. Stadium Arcadium was as if every genre of music met and merged into a beautiful collision of emotion and sound waves of passion. Among my favorite albums is actually OHM. One Hot minute I do not care what anyone says is phenomenal. How the album was so poorly reviewed I will never know. I don't know...I love all RHCP's work. They are my go to band for anything. My love for them and admiration I do not think can be verbalized in a manner I feel is complimentary enough. I love every album. Every. Single. One. From the self titled debut to I'm With You. I love it all. RHCP forever.
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Agree with all above. Peppers kick that ***!