List Of Songs I Can Play On Guitar

I'm not making this to boast about anything but in fact for myself really. I don't typically learn the guitar solos note for note. Not even John, Josh or Dave play them note for note live. I feel like sometimes you HAVE to improvise, it's so fulfilling. I improvise a lot of "jam" like songs. Very rarely on melodic songs. The rest I learn not for note, no matter how difficult. (Most are not):

  1. By the Way

  2. Snow ((Hey Oh))

  3. Get On Top

  4. Aeroplane

  5. If You Have to Ask

  6. Power of Equality

  7. Around the World

  8. Can't Stop

  9. Readymade

  10. Tell Me Baby

  11. Give It Away

  12. Dani California

  13. Californication

  14. Otherside

  15. Wet Sand

  16. Adventures of Raindance Maggie

I plan on learning the entire discography eventually...I learn a new one whenever I am in an obsession with them. It comes and goes...
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Jan 19, 2013