It May Not Be Conventional......

No, I would say our relationship is anything BUT conventional but I love it and I love YOU!

LOL you thought I forgot what you told me when we first met.....not bloody likely!  You said "don't stop till you get enough" and I don't intend to baby!

I was happily going along minding my own business and my sis showed up with you in tow.......and my life will never be the same.  We may live many miles apart but our hearts are forever joined together.  I love you, young man, and I am so happy she played matchmaker.

You are a wonderfully funny, romantic, intelligent and SEXY man (and I know you just turned redder than a ripe tomato LOL) .  Imagine me, one loud-mouthed , big city, Italian girl falling so hard for a quiet, mid-western, small town boy living in the South of all places!  A most unconventional pair we are.  But you mean the world to me.....don't ever change my darling man.  I love our relationship!!

Brooklynchick Brooklynchick
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8 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Done! :)

Yea, we really need to go do something till the guys get home. Shut it down and come on over :)

Damn Skippy I DO!!!! So what we gonna do this weekend? It's just freakin' boring without Tiny and the Trooper here :( You know we are bored if we're both on here goofing off!

Haha, well, my guess is they are too damn busy ******* off to read your prof. pg. It appears they just hit a dozen names and hope one is a "bingo" for them! I just ignore them but if I know you, you give them a blast for not reading... don't you?! lol

LMBO ! Yep, I got one very HOT man and I am very happy :) Btw, where are all the freaks coming from lately, sis? Don't they read?!! I made sure I put up my rules for being in my circle as my first experience and they still pester with "let's have cybersex".... ewww, HELL NO!

LOL I missed seeing this Sis... now you are married to your fine man and that "relationship" has turned XXXX!!! We are all so happy for you :) You've got one HOT Brazilian and he adores you!

Giggles ~ Yep, you damn skippy and he's alllll mine ;') I owe you one for bringing him with you and N on vacation. I'm happy for the first time in a very long time. (((hugs))) Sis, I love ya!

Haha, now all you have to do is get him to join EP. Hey it could happen! I talked the trooper into joining the fam, his partner is easy. You know that man worships you! I'm so happy it worked out and YES you two are totally unconventional!! I swear your entire relationship is XXX rated! LMAO