The Stones

The Stones are just "that band". Classic and just classic...classic and just fantastic music. The Stones are one of those bands and by that I mean you have to put ******* in between their name. The Rolling ******* Stones, Led ******* Zeppelin. If you have to put an obscenity in between their name that's a damn good band! And that's just them. I ******* love the Stones but they're not virtuosos and nothing they write is complex but does that devalue them as artists? Of course not. Does that diminish their contribution to the music industry? Hell no. The Stones I always turn to...for a lot. If there wasn't a Stones we would all be screwed in depression and happiness. They handle both well. They're just The Stones can't dissect their songs and judge them by quality. They're raw as hell! But fantastic. They're just the Rolling ******* Stones, that's all that needs to be said. They speak for themselves. God, I love them so much.
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Nice post!

Not only do I love the Stones but I play in a Stones tribute band. I've realized some things over the course of the last four years that I've done this. They have around 490 songs, all of which I have heard. I've had to. Of these, there are only a small handful that I don't like, and another small handful that are ok. But then ... the rest stand up over time and sound as great today as they did 30, 40 and even 50 years ago! They don't call Keith Richards the Riffmaster for nothing. All their originals revolve around a basic riff and the lyrics/melody. Over the course of a two hour show, we play around 25 songs and, amazingly, the crowd knows them all. They are The World's Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band! And as old as they are, they can still bring the energy. Yes, they still rock hard.