I Love The Sal

Ended up at the Sal again last night. 1/4 to closing: 11pm. Or was it midnight? Never get my head round opening hrs here.

Rock goth metal biker pub.New Rocks and varying degrees of spikey stuff and metal. 80's big hair tight jeans & cowboy boots. Leather, patches and stomachs. MCR GNR Linkin Park and an LMS poster on the wall. Kareoke to Faith no More if you so wish. Limp Bizkit with Korn. Resident DJ's and a ghost in the caves below- which date from the Saxon era. A pint and sign the visitors book will get you in. I took a  friend down there one night. She freaked out when she felt an eerie presence. I could never have such luck. Kids in their teens rock with dudes in their 50's. Never any trouble.

Good night, good banter," Siddahn,shoot t'fook oop, Jagermeister's on its way." Another barman was from Govan and worked with homeless kids. We talked all night in Weejie just for the benefit for confusing the locals. It was also a staff party, and all the regulars were there too.I'm in that sort of no mans land with spates of being elsewhere, but I always have a soft spot for The Sal.

That's what I like about the Sal, its not your average club. Dave the seafood vendor turned up, all white- coat, two hats, one inside the other- he gets cold you know, and a black bow tie. Cockles peeled in his basket. Mussels and prawns too. Truly one of Nottingham's characters. A good life story once he's had a few.

Ten past closing I was suddenly a half pint up, they couldn't open the till....

I love the Sal.
Pa1nsMcmurdo Pa1nsMcmurdo
41-45, M
Dec 11, 2012