The Gloves Are On

This man is very intense yet when you get past the show and look at his motiviation it is his country.

Maybe if more of us were this intense about what is going on in our country we could have our elected officials afraid of us instead of us afraid of them.

Michael Savage: "Sounds Like the Orderlies Are About to Break Through the Barricades"?
By Barbara Anderson on (Mar 06, 09)


Not content to agitate divisions among the races, Democrats are relishing the arguments they have roiled up among the Republican Party, whatever is left of it…

Now, the Dems don’t waste time arguing among themselves. Or, if they do, they confine it to the back rooms. They have few scruples, morally, and welcome any who will vote their way or promote their party. There is where you find the tax cheats, Ted Kennedy, (aka “the swimmer”), Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, **** Durbin and a myriad of other “representatives” who are always just ahead of the sheriff. Of course, now they are the sheriff.



In a well planned attack against Rush Limbaugh, they took the neophyte head of the Republican Party to politics school. Feeling his way through the spotlight, Michael Steele averred that Limbaugh was just an entertainer and the words “ugly” and “incendiary” came from him over the TV.


Way to go to defend the conservatives, Mr. Steele. Instead of making nice with those who loathe the Republican Party, Mr. Steele should have announced a manifesto, that being that he would do all in his power to punish the turncoat so-called moderates who always show up when the chips are down and throw in with the Dems. He would have had true conservatives ‘’atta boy-ing” all over the radio airwaves and commentators going blog crazy in print. Mr. Steele seems like a very nice man. However, when you are dealing with experienced attack dogs, one doesn’t send out a very nice poodle. Alas, it seems that Mr. Steele is not ready for prime time.


However, Mr. Steele was not the only conservative to aid and abet the Dems. Jonah Goldberg is as efficient a writer as can be found. He is intelligent, incisive and even inspirational at times. When he commented on the Dems’ gang-up on Limbaugh, he seemed not able to resist validating to Dems’ accusations that the conservatives harbor some extremists.


In Jonah Goldberg’s article, ”The Tired War of Rush Limbaugh” dated March 4, 2009, he describes the war on Limbaugh coming from the right. Some commentators he called “thoughtful”, some “almost professorial”. Michael Savage, however,


….”sounds like the orderlies are about the break through the barricades with straitjacket in hand.”……


When you take a good look at the attack dogs sent out to go for Limbaugh’s jugular, those barricades seem to be well on the way to being breached.


Also, Savage has mounted the most spirited and sustained attack against the Dems’ ultimate goal, the so-called “fairness doctrine”. Maybe he should be a little more nuanced and polite? Savage is the street fighter in the whole bunch. He knows his enemy and knows that behind every insincere smile lurks a knife for back-stabbing. Call it intuition, call it experience, call it getting your head out of the sand.


That darling duo, Carville and Begala, were prominent in the plot to discredit Limbaugh and stir up discontent in the conservative camp. They are very good at it, having had all that experience during the Clinton years of defending the indefensible. Their attacks then were against vulnerable women who had the misfortune of coming into contact with their boss.


Other lefties joined the party. It is open season on conservatives. Have you ever watched a nature series where animals attack and kill their prey? Very often they travel in packs. They pick the most vulnerable looking prey and attack from all sides.


The pack in this case includes Stanley Greenberg, Rahm Emanuel, (the perennial pit bull), DCCC Chairman Rep. Van Hollen, (D-Md.), Brad Woodhouse, David Axelrod, Dan Pfeiffer, David Plouffe, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, Tim Kaine, and the ever-ready Terry McAuliffe.


The organizations include Media Matters, Americans United for Choice, Americans United for Change, and The Center for American Progress, (John Podesta’s group).


Arrayed against the likes of these experienced politicians, Michael Steele was like the proverbial lamb led to slaughter.


The Republican Party had better be looking for someone like Michael Savage, who does not back down and will not be found wanting should he come up against any of these characters in a face-to-face.


Savage is not shy about wanting Obama to fail. He makes the distinction of wanting Obama to fail against wanting the country to fail. His interests are borders, language and culture, and his passion is the United States.


Obama will not secure the border, will not declare English to be the national language and seems indifferent to the country’s culture, except when he is busy telling everybody how rotten are the people who helped propel him forward in his rise to the top.


With the Dow taking a nosedive, with millions out of a job, with banks failing, with drug cartels dueling it out on our borders, with states such as California not able to meet the simple demands of its citizens, how soon will it be before the majority of citizens will be in Savage’s camp.


How long will it be until many will be declaring themselves hoping that Obama fails. His policies deserve that hope.

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