While I Was Sleeping...

As I am sleeping a sweet dream comes to me. In the darkness, I feel you gently brushing the hair from my face. Your warm breath is softly caressing my neck. Your delicate fingers moving feather soft over my shoulder. Through the fog of sleep, I sense the warmth of Love and Passion begin to slowly stir within me. mmm I love this beautiful dream.  As you slowly, leave tender kisses on my neck, I become more aware of your touch and realize that this is not a dream at all. I want to drown in these sensual sensations forever.  Even though my eyes are closed I am becoming more alert. The feeling of your heated body pressed against my back, sends tingly, shivers up my spine. You whisper hot words of love in my ear as your fingertips trace erotic circles around my breasts. In that moment my breath catches and I hear you let out a sweet little moan in my ear, it is then that I know that you are pleased with yourself. :) Being the seductress excites you.  I lay back to face you. I bring your mouth to touch mine. We are so in tune with one another, that our loving, passionate kissing always takes us to our own special place. A place where we feel not only the sensual sensations in our bodies but emotions from deep within our Souls. After taking our time riding that first erotic wave, you kiss your way down to my aching breasts that are starved for your love. The way you make love to my breasts never fails to leave me feeling cherished and so wanted. The moans and whimpers that escape from my mouth, as you make beautiful love to me, are primal and raw. After a while, I am aware of the glorious feeling of your wetness on my hip. It is then that I beg you,"pleeaaassee". In seconds, I feel your thigh between mine pushing against my swollen, drenched center, while your center is grinding, dripping wet and hot over mine. The force of our cries uniting with the heady aroma of our sacred juices becoming one, is a high like none other. We are on our Spiritual journey now and Bliss is not far away;).


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Thank You Kindal! :D

I appreciate the compliment very much WIB, especially since you are a wonderful writer yourself! Thank You! I am happy that you stopped by. Take Care.. :-))

very nice sexy story luv ... beautifully written.

Rana my friend, Thank You Very Much for commenting on this story! :-) I appreciate it. I am glad that you enjoyed reading it. *HUGS* :-))

Thank You So Much mewold. I am happy that you like this story. You are kind to comment. *hugs*

This is beautiful. Even though I am a man, I can love the beauty of that moment between you and your lover. It is the same for everyone.

Why, Thank You So Much bowed for your kind comments, I appreciate it. :-))

Thank You Very Much for your compiments siddartha67, I appreciate it.

wow...i beautifully written story...gives me greater insight into the souls of the faier sex! i see something important for me......thanx! beautiful........

It is very thoughtful of you to read and comment on my story LV, Thank You Very Much. I hope you are well. {{Hugs}}

You are really good with words,<br />
<br />
nice post

Me? Noticed? No, I haven't "noticed anything" *Wink* *Wink* Her name is.........., isn't it? oh, I better not say right?? *giggles*

LMAO! I never know what you are going to say, mewold. Thanks for the compliment. lol Thank You for reading and commenting. I hope you are doing well. :-)

If I wasn't already naked, I would be wearing very tight pants right now.

*Blush* I am happy that this post has inspired you Sara. Thank You. I wish you and your love a beautiful evening. Please let me know how it went. *wink*

Yeah, how come you are reading this "just now", SM?? But I think I "know' why. hehe *wink* LOL Thank You So Much my friend! I am glad you like it. mwah

I just re-read it to prime me for going home.... I think dinner may be late tonight.... that woman needs a bit of my loving! Mmmmmm... this did the job nicely... I am ready now....

I was hoping that they would. Thank You Very Much for reading and for your comments cabman49, I appreciate it.

Thank You Very Much Laurie, I appreciate that you took the time to read this story. :--)

U R welcome sweetie.. Thank You! mwauh

*BIG GRIN* You know, I think you are one of the best at writing the "sesssy" stories punpkin, so I am very happy that you like this story. Thank You for reading it and the great comments. hehe Mwah

Thank You! *grin*

I appreciate your lovely story!!!! Absolutely seductive!

SaratogaGirl, I appreciate the lovely compliment very much, Thank You! Take Care..

Exquisite! BRAVA!

Posted by luvmc11 on Feb 7th, 2010 at 7:31PM <br />
Thank You delani! I appreciate your comments. Thanks for reading.;-) I hope you are doing well. <br />
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Posted by delanie1 on Feb 7th, 2010 at 7:20PM <br />
Whoaaa.<br />
This is very nicely written. <br />
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