My Fisrt Time Sniffing

the first time i sniffed a pair of panties is when i was having sex with my 17 year old girlfriend she was sitting on my **** riding my hard she still had her silk pink panties on she was in such a rush to have a **** with me she just flung me on the bed when she got home from school and jumped on top- of me with her school uniform on she told me she had been thinking about ******* all day and that her panties got so wet  .   then she pulled her panties of and started to rub my face in the i could smell her lovely ***** scent right away my **** went harder and harder the more i sniffed the harder she was ******* me it was the best **** ever  .   years later when she left school she worked as a travel agent  and her uniform was so sexy i used to 69 her before she went to work and i washed her tasty ***** clean .  when she got home you can imagine what happened
sniffme sniffme
18-21, F
Aug 9, 2010