One Of My Favourite Smells

The smell that arrives with a rain shower must be one of my all time favourites -- so damp and clean and cool.  It's the air literally getting washed, and is so pleasant especially after a muggy, stifling day.  Spring and fall on the west coast of Canada (as I'm sure is the case in any coastal community) delivers lots and lots of rain.  Coming from the prairies, I was used to storms that brought intense, heavy rain, and were even a bit frightening when they unleashed.  The first year I moved to the coast, 1997, every day the entire second month after I arrived there were bits of scattered, misty rain, which started driving me a bit nuts.  I don't mind it any more, though.  Its scent is the sweet perfume of renewal.
UnderEli UnderEli
46-50, M
Aug 26, 2010