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I know every body know that sex should be from both side but as you all know if sex has one side then we can not enjoy becz in this case only one person enjoy and i think its not good.
           2 years before when i was in the college and in between of that i loved one girl very much and she was also looking so hot in my campus . so i was thinking to sex with her from lot of time but i was confused that she could be ignored that but after 6 month when our class member planed to a big party then i told her becz when we were dancing on the floor she was looking to to HOT and i didn't stoped to my self i went to her i said i liked you and i wan a sleep with you but if you want but if you don't so tell me , so firstly she said i need the time for that then i will tell  you , so i said ok , so i was waiting of her answer. but she didn't reply me , so when we all guys finished our party at 2 pm she came to me and said i am ready , and i got shocked, but we went my room and we had sex but one thing i realize that she was not intrested in  that during the sex , only i was doing every thing , she was telling only one thing yes i am enjoying but i could see her face she was not enjoying , when i asked that why are you not enjoying that moment then she said i don't know you and you don't know me as deeply friends thats why i am not enjoying . so when she said that word i felt very didpointment and learnt that she is true if any couple don't know each other then they can't enjoy the sex or any moment of the world , so suddenly we both left each other . and say SORRY to each other for that.
                                                 And realy when i did the sex with my girl friend then realy it was so so amazing and i can say that time we were living in the star during the sex . i mean to say we were enjoying to much.
                                        So in my opinion love should be from both side.
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Ah, this is nice. You are wise about love and sex already.

Yes. But if you gone through my story completely then you can better understand.

By the way you are so clever, you went to read my story. hhmmmmmmmmm.