I'm Obsessed With This Show...

This is random... but...Seriously, i watch this show every night. And i watch it even though i've seen every episode, and each episode many many times. I think the main reason i watch this show is the fact that the the characters, especially Frasier and Niles, are so "ethical" and ridden with guilt if they do anything that even borders on wrong in any way...or selfish...Frasier is obsessive over doing the "right" thing. It's like at the end of my day, i watch this show to remind myself that maybe there are people in this world that care about doing the right thing. They are also just hilarious characters, always getting into situations that just make you burst out laughing! I know they are fictional characters, but someone had to create them right? So the creaters of this show understand me....all of the characters really commit to their character... The other 2 reasons i watch it are the fact that i watched it growing up, (my parents only paid for 2 channels on our tv, so this soon became my favorite show, it was just the best thing on) and the other reason is it helps me fall asleep. I've decided, i fall asleep every night to this show because i've seen every episode sooo many times, that it's only minimally interesting to me now, since i can anticipate every move, so it's just easy to fall asleep too... and i'll do anything that will help me in that area. :) I don't know why i wrote this, i guess i was just sitting here watching yet another epsiode of this show...and felt like i had to comment. Because i don't know what i'd do without it. I have to have it. It's an addiction. Probably the healthiest addition that i have :)
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22-25, F
Sep 9, 2012