I Love the Show Super Natural!!!

I am Totally addicted like a junkie to super natural!!

Now i'm so gutted cse the series finale finished on friday "AHHHH"!!!!!

God l8tr next year is ages to wait!!!

Nothing else good is on either my other Fav Hero's finshd 2!!!

Oh well i'll be eagerly awaiting for my "Fix's", belated return!!

Feflower Feflower
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1 Response Jun 30, 2007

yaaayyyy! i'M so 'Wrapt" Super natural is returning 'in 2009' (NZ) YAY woohooo!!!!! (What more can i say!!!!!!)<br />
<br />
Gosh i have so missed 'my fix" 'sooo much" it finished ages ago as u guy's are up 2 season 4 "wahoooooo" "yeah"!!!!!!!! "i can't wait'!!!!!! :) :) :) :)