Parenting Genius

Im not generally much of a reality TV watcher - but Supernanny is freakn awesome.

I think she has a really good attitude and approach to raising children with discipline, fun and love.  I dont have kids - so its highly likely that the reality of using her techniques at home is far more tricky than it appears on TV.  But when/if the time comes Im going to try to follow her way!  Iv never liked smacking - the Naughty Step is going to be my saviour!


However, Max (my boyfriend) has suggested an interesting variation called the Haunted Closet.  In this 'technique' the Naughty Step is a closet - all pitch black.  We tell the children stories about ghosts and scary stuff that dwell inside the closet.  And then when they get sent there for 'unacceptable behaviour' we stand outside and making spooky noises!

Will it work......I have my doubts.....but we will see ;) 

auroraaustralis auroraaustralis
Feb 12, 2009