The Show Is Pretty Touching

I found a new show called undercover boss and the show was about this ceo woking with

the trash, it touched me to see the human side of the thngs the little people us have to go threw.

tonight they had a new show the guy was from church hill downs , it was a good show . but what i would really love

to see as a show the ceo's lving on the little peoples $8.00 ahour , live off what we make a year and trade to the other '

person makes for the year now that would be a real show . oh i forgot its only a tv show , probly scripted too and most of its

fake . the ceo's are so out of touch with the little people and how they really live , its the little people that make

the ceo's rich and they dont get more money they desirve it . but its a good show over all . it makes peole think

so i hope it makes more money hungery ceo's have more compassion s for the underpayed little people.

but its a good show the little peole are the heart beat of the co.

lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
Mar 14, 2010