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 Last nights show was among other subjects..... on HAZING !

 It's   a trip. Have you watched it ?  

 They set up different examples of hazing, in front of God and everybody, people tended to just walk by as the actors portrayed a tortures practice that takes at least one life a year, and who knows how much PTS  it causes. 

There are clips of the different shows  on google.  

  Another  one was where a woman fell and seemed unconscious in the middle of a sidewalk. People stopped, touched her called for help..... Then  they switched it to a homeless man......88 people walked swiftly by him, the only one who tried to help was a homeless woman who begged walkers by to please call 911 !   No help !

 These things anger me to no end !    The moral compass of  people will be our down fall.

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3 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Thank you! We don't get it in Australia!

I have watched it, i like it to. It shows how people really are.

Er, What show please?