Simple Pleasures

Small Things. SImple things. The things we take for granted but bring pleasure. Please share yours.

1. A cool breeze on a hot day. Even the slightest breeze can feel so good when your hot and the sweat is pouring. Just stand there, close your eyes and enjoy the relief.

2. Taking your shoes off after a long day. I work long hours wearing work boots. To come home, sit down, and take off my boots? Man! What relief!

3.  A hug. Enough said.

4. A bite of good food. I am not talking about saying "mmmmmm" after a bite. I am talking about that bite of food, that fork full of food that makes your eyes roll, makes you the happy dance, and makes you say " I'm good! I can die now" mouthful of food!

5. Quiet. My home is loud. My work is loud. I don't like loud.

6. Kindness. To watch a simple act of kindness, to watch someone to do something nice for someone else and not expect anything in return. That's kindness.

Please feel free to add to it, as I will. 
Jdemtu Jdemtu
41-45, M
May 19, 2012