Makes Sense to Me

I have thought about why simple things bring me so much pleasure.  My current theory is that in order to appreciate simple things, a person must be conscious and aware, able to observe and interpret.  A complicated theory about simple things?

When I notice a stranger's smile, a common courtesy or laughter, I feel alive.

A well used tool. 

A good repair.

A sigh of contentment.

A warm greeting.

A lover's breath.

A child's look of wonder.

A student's realization and understanding.

A perfect blossom.

New snow.

My favorite boots.

Someone who tries.


The smell of lightning.

A hand on a shoulder.

A word of encouragement.

To me, these things and many more like them make every day better.  Every life better. To give or to receive them within our consciousness  enables the space between us to be filled with love and hope.  I strive to do my part to fill that void.

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5 Responses Mar 29, 2009

That's it Grieta!

The way the world smells after the rain.<br />
<br />
The squish of mud between your toes<br />
<br />
The tangy taste of mango<br />
<br />
The purrrr of my cat on my lap<br />
<br />
The wind playing with my hair<br />
<br />
The aroma of coffee<br />
<br />
The way a perfect croissant almost melts in your mouth<br />
<br />
The luxury of a scented candlelit bath

Thank you for your kind words swanfether. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I really love this ode to what is magic and inspiring in life. I particularly like "the smell of lightning"! You write, "...To give or to receive them within our consciousness enables the space between us to be filled with love and hope. I strive to do my part to fill that void..." <br />
<br />
This is so very important. You are fortunate to have the insight and nature to be able to do this. And I agree that in order to be fully present, we do need to do our part. <br />
<br />
May your life continue to enliven you and your surroundings.

YES! To bad most of us on this planet forget the simple things