Two Foot

His stubby little hands caress my face
He pulls my face close to his
His hands travel to my neck as he hugs me tight
So little and clumsy, yet so gentle
Although I'm holding his little two foot tall frame in my arms,
His body sways back and forth to the music
Pulling me into a dance
He smiles at me and starts to croon in his one year old voice
The fact that my son is singing to me is beautiful
And his songs reaches down to touch the places I've covered with a smile, that still hurt
His simplistic melody not only touches but heals
Somewhere along the line
He learned to be a gentleman
He looked into my eyes and at only two feet tall he had the answer.
I pray that he always treats the woman he chooses to love
The way that he treats me
I pray that he is forever faithful and respectful to his woman
But for now, I will enjoy this dance with this little two foot tall old man.
b4realz b4realz
31-35, F
Dec 13, 2012