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Why, That's Handsome Pete! He Will Dance For Quarters!!!

Love the Simpsons universe but Snake, Mr Burns and Captain McCallister are my favorite characers. Mr Burns' signature sentence "Excellent" combined with the way he always connects his fingertips when he says it is just great. And his vulture-like features. "Smithers, pick me up!" I love his malice! The sea captain always makes me chuckle. In the episode about the barbershop quartet "The B-Sharps" the captain is wrestling with an octopus and holding a harpoon in one of his hands when he hears the gentle singing of "Baby on Board" in his radio. He lowers his weapon, puts an arm around the octopus and says: "Arrrr, I've got nothin' against ye, Squiddie. I just heard there was gold in you belly - HAHAHARRRRRR HAHAHAHARRRRRR!"
And Snakes voice is hilarious. He always steals something wherever he goes but most of the time it's something completely useless. In the episode about mmorpg's like world of warcraft Marge meets Snake online. He is playing from a computer in the jail as a king cobra and rises out of a basked and says: "The prison guards think I'm getting my online law degree, harhar!"
Wraither Wraither 22-25, M 2 Responses Aug 30, 2007

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You're missing out! :)

I've never really watched the Simpsons before, but it sounds like a funny show. Ah! I am sheltered.