Each Member Of The Family Is Unique

I remember when I was a kid I used to laughed at the Simpsons because of its funny faces like big eyes and unique hair. My uncle used to comment that we ought not to watch it because it is not for kids. But of course as a kid I do not understand all the contents but it is just I was fascinated.

Now, I'm an adult and still I love this family! I can say I love the most and appreciate it well that I understand its content, and yes, i agree with my uncle it is not for kids entirely.

I love each member's character of this family. On how Bart and Homer rumble as father -and-son, and on how Bart annoy Lisa most of the time and on how brilliant Lisa is and how loving and understanding the mother is. 

I was watching just this evening while home alone. I was laughing hard in every episode! I have watched some of those but I still loving it! 

One of the major reason why I love this because it tackles about issues in family and its impact to community plus the politics!

Of course it is not always give good scenes but the point is we can get lessons both in good and bad times! They are realistic but funny!

 Really, really cool! 

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Lol....I can't imagine anyone having to put up with a hubby like Homer!<br />
<br />
Your right...it's wit and fun!

Hi, ayankee! It's wit and fun..although, sometimes i'm thinking if i'll have a hubby like homer i'm not sure if I'll get by..lol and when i have kids i'm not sure if i'll tell them too not to watch (until they grow up) hehhe...

I agree! It's an amazing show :)

I remember my oldest son was little when the Simpson's first came on and I felt the same way as your uncle.Then I went through it again with my youngest son who is now eighteen.Now my husband watches it too!I myself wonder when any of the kids are going to grow up.Maggie has always been my favorite of them all...lol.

I just love Homer's character and how politically incorrect he is.

oh yeah I remember the flinstones too! but i haven't watch another one as of these days...is that in cable? i love the simpsons when they always contribute to politics! <br />
and yes, i'll be watching...you too!

For me it was the Flintstones. Hard to believe but before Pebbles and Bam-Bam it was a cartoon version of the Honeymooners. (The FIRST SEASON) I, too, enjoy the Simpsons and many of their situations mirror real life. Good writting and clever antics always make for good theatre and this the Simpsons does very well. Well, keep watching and (Duh!) enjoy!