The Sims 2 Is My Own Custom World...

i not only play this game and have the University and Nightlife expansion packs and loads of custom content, i also actively CREATE stuff for my sims characters, mainly hair recolours and my own custom hair textures at this stage and i'm a building freak... built a lot of custom houses/palaces for these beautiful 3D people. almost everything in my game is customed-out to my personal enjoyment - custom skintones, eye colours, hair, clothing, makeup, accessories and some housing cc as well. lol.. my relationship was going downhill so i took some downtime and spent quite a few hours learning how to create for this game. saved my sanity on more than a few occasions.

i refuse to buy Sims 3 because the characters look like retards. i don't know whether i'm just a little weird or if others are kind of put off by the new graphics for the game or not, but i have reasons for sticking to this version of the game and that's just one.
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2 Responses Aug 5, 2010

thanks for the comment :D and i have to agree with you about the hacks too... i have all kinds of global and ob<x>ject hacks including the inTeen and inSimenators... love those hacks and you're right, they introduce so many possibilities and variations for game play.

I'm like you, I have literally THOUSANDS of custom content files on my computer. The Sims 2 takes up several GBs of space! But it's one of my favourite worlds to get lost in, and with the help of hacks and cc, the options in that game are endless.<br />
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"i refuse to buy Sims 3 because the characters look like retards." LOL! I completely agree, I think they all look like fish, and they all look the same. It will never compare to The Sims 2.