I Do Like Psychology. ...

I do like psychology.  In fact I see a therapist once a week.  Many times it doesn't feel like psychology or that I am being pyschologized, I feel like I am just talking to someone who will call me on the map for my bull.

Besides from being in the office of my therapist, I do in life try to figure out what is really going on with people, and what makes one who they are today.

To be frank, I have worked extensively as a psychic.  Much of that work was working 9 - 5 in office on a extremely busy telephone psychic hotline.  Yes, yes, you name it, I have worked on that line.  I read cards, and do astrology and a combination of that and I guess clairvoyance.  And well, psychology.  Now I am not saying that the hotline is bull, but besides from giving out lucky lotto number (I hate giving out lucky lotto numbers) but much of what I do is psychology, but super condensed.  I happen to be very good at it.  I am not really giving readings these days outside of friends, but it is still very much a part of my life.  In fact a 'how to' tarot epic was just recently dedicated to me.  How sweet.  So when I meet and talk to people, they may not know, but I may be hearing more than they are saying.  And all it really is, is psychology.

stina51 stina51
31-35, F
Jul 1, 2008