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I'm Not Playing "God". It's a Game.

     I know I sit here for hours without food or sleep playing, but come on!!!  You have to.  I wish they would come out with more expansions before "Sims 3".  There are so many things left unexplored.  What about illnesses and injuries.  Growing old can't be the last thing you do in "life".  Where are the broken legs, the sores, and the rashes?  I like how they set up the pregnancies, but there is so much more. 

     Where is the in game fashion designing?  I thought they were doing that with the "H&M" Expansion, but I was disappointed again.  I am really looking forward to playing the "Apartment" Expansion next month.  I've been salivating for it.

mentalescapee126 mentalescapee126 31-35, F Jul 16, 2008

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