It Really Helps :)

Being so far away from my home in Guatemala, the Sims3 game really helps me cope when I am having a bad day, am stressed out, or sad. Currently I am earning my associate's degree, which will take another year. Originally I wanted to be a vet, but now I'm not so sure. I just want to get this second year of college over with so I can hopefully come back to Guatemala to be reunited with my friends and family :)

Extra├▒o a mis amigos y familiares


In my sims3 game, I have myself, my sister, my mother, my niece, and my grandmother. I created us to be a family. My sister is a bit older than me, and she has a twelve year old daughter. But back home we all lived together. I just miss my home so much. In my sims game I created us all, and I feel as though I am home again already! The sims game has really helped me out alot. Sometimes when I come home from my job, I will be playing it so much, I will not even realize how much time I have spent playing it. I have also created my own lot, in my game where it is just my cat and I. It makes things seem so much more real, but it's personally helping me grow. I spend so much time on my sims game.
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May 8, 2012