It's A Magical Place!

I started playing the sims way back in 2000. I started out  with the original Sims game and fell immediately in love with it. I spent hours playing it and loved every second of it. When the Sims 2 came out,I could hardly wait to have my own copy. Unfortunately,I really couldn't afford a new system, so my dear husband bought us a new computer(he said he wanted a new one,but I like to think he got it for my Sims addiction). Sims 2 began a whole new chapter of Sim addiction for me and I bought every expansion. I loved it even more than the original game. The graphics! the gameplay! I was hooked.

Then the Sims 3 came out. I wasn't sure I would like it,the story progression angle just didn't appeal to me. I bought a copy anyway because I was curious. I played it and fell head over heels. It's gorgeous to look at, the gameplay is amazing and it is more fun than just about any other game I have in my vast game library. I loved story progression! I loved seeing my families interact with each other and I loved seeing the neighborhood age. There were always new Sims to meet, new fish to catch and new challenges to face.

 I play it as much as I have time for and I spend most of my time building my legacy families. I have complted 2 family stories so far,one with 10 generations and one I still have going that is on generation 15. It's my magical world,where I decide what happens and who will meet who. This is the best iteration of the series so far and I thank EA for improving on an already fantastic formula.

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

I love the sims 3 as well! you just cant stop!

I know, it's tough sometimes when they die, especially if it's a sim you've spent a lot of time with.

I have to agree! You pretty much just told my story! Lol. Although, I have to admit the first time a character died (a new grandma who died when she went to get groceries!) i was a little shocked.