My Story Is Not Great Or Fantastic


 My life was a storm because wen I have youngh I not belive with realy true of god and I smoking,drinking alcohool say prashes ugly of ny mother,wife,friends,childrens.But with pass of time and after wen I obtain a desease of nek who is name torticoolis I see wat is the right way who must following.Exist many peoples who are desase but stil not to return with face of GOD.Now I am a new man I not drink alcohol I not smoking I walk in every friday of aor church who is in construction I writte the Bibile and I prey every day of GOD to do care of my,family and al friends who help me to pass this ghard moments for me.Now I see very clear wat I done in the past I regret for this and I regret because I not learn my children to love by GOD and wlking of church.This is my great regret of my.I want to visit the place sacre and the grave of jesus a dream who I hope with help of god to see.It is the great dream of my to see al this now wen I alive .

regenesiss regenesiss
Mar 24, 2009