Freedom Above.

No matter where you are or what you're doing if you can look up and see the sky you are free. For in the sky is our lives, our laughter our loves. When I look up I feel like I get wings and can fly. I can imagine going anywhere and seeing whatever I want. Visiting strange exotic places or those dear to me. The sky gives us free access to the next place we want to be. 

The clouds can become images and shapes that Give voice to our imagination, our frustrations and our dreams. The clouds can add to our moods or represent what we think. They can change our moods and allow us to feel rain and hail and snow; bringing the physical into the world of our mind.  

The colors of the sky can not be duplicated in a box of crayons. They can be light or dark, bright or dull. They can change quickly and tell us about how our day might feel. When the sun begins its journey down for the night the colors are vibrant and rapidly changing and if you look away even for a second a new shade or color will appear. 

Oh the sky is my ticket to my life and my adventure and I love looking up as often as I can and reminding myself I'm free!  
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3 Responses Nov 9, 2011

beautiful story, thankyou for sharing it.

thank you friend. another beautifully written piece

Very evocatively written<br />
<br />
Yes, we dont tend to value our freedom till it's lost. I love to watch birds flying in the sky and hate to think of them imprisoned in cages ...