Just My Favorite Movie Of All Time

Mika: If only that night… if I took a different way, would it have changed our fates a little?
Hiro: Where do humans go after they die?
Mika: Heaven.
Hiro: I want to be the sky. So I always know where you are.
Mika: Like a stalker.
[Hiro smiles]
Mika: Clear skies will mean you are happy. Rain will mean you’re crying. Sunset means you are embarrassed. Night will mean you are gently holding me.
Hiro: Mika… smile.
Mika : I believe that you don’t need a reason to like something..
Hiro : I wish I was the sky , so I can immediately find where you are and protect you .
Mika : You’re like a river , always going forward and never giving up .

This is why I love the sky!!!
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13-15, F
Sep 9, 2012