What Color Is The Sky?

Laying out flat with the ground on my back.

Ive never done it bcause it kinda creeps me out.But i know it will probably take me to my happy place _ yet i dont know if i should go? so confused.... :)
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Haha, it's okay to have a happy place. It's like daydreaming, which you probably do already, a little retreat where you can forget your stress and be completely happy, like a sunny beach or a cool forest with no one else around, just...bliss.

Its been something on my mind for a while so i might just "man-up" and do it..

It doesn't have to be like that. It's just a nice thing to be able to have. If it creeps you out, you don't have to try and work on that fear. I thought it might help you, but you should do what you want to do.

I want to do it because i know its something i would like. I think my fear comes from the whole "God" thing..

Are you afraid of God? I don't think your happy place has to do with Him.

Not afraid i just dont understand it... And laying out and looking at the sky should be a happy place but from what ive heared god is up there.. so... idk...

Well, actually, God resides in the heavens, which are far above the earth. You can't actually see God or heaven in the sky because they're too far away.

I know i cant see him. but i do know that when im looking up there he can see me...

That shouldn't creep you out. He's always watching you, not just when you look up in the sky. So really, you shouldn't be any more creeped out looking up at the sky than you would be doing anything else.

But when your looking at the sky to me it feels like a reminder: how bad that ive been doing. see, with him not in my face i forget about the things i should be doing.. i dont think im making sense...

i know he sees me but i forget when im walking i around in this lifetime. but i take a minute and look up(at him) then im reminded and i start feeling weired..

The scerest part is not knowing if hes really up there. 0_0

You don't seem like you're doing badly to me. What is it you want to do but aren't doing?

idk. what i should be doing.. because i dont know if god is real..

Idk if i want to talk about this without some privacy... *privately messaging you*

Sure, go ahead and message me.

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