Like When He...

god, nothing comes more important than the small things. because the small things happen, when you truly have a thoughtful and considerate guy, who has you on his mind, even in the simplest of times.
like when he.. has gum or mints or even food or a drink, and he makes sure to always ask if i want some.
like when he.. stops at a gas station, and NEVER fails to ask if i want anything inside..
like when... even after i say i'm fine and don't want anything, he will bring me out my favorite drink, or chocolate bar anyway..
like when he.. goes out and brings me home a Set for Life scratch card because he knows just how excited i get over them.
like when he.. insists on carrying anything and everything so i don't have to
like when he.. always has a solution to fix my problem, have it be drafty windows, or dirty shoes..
like when he.. brings my dad a case of beer every time he comes over to the family house.
like when he...still opens the car door for me a majority of the time, after all this time..
like when he...can realize i'm upset, sometimes before i realize myself.. from a twitch, or irregular breath that no one else could ever notice.
like when he...will talk something that is bothering me out at night..or have sex if i want to..when he has to get up in half an hour..
like when he...tells me he loves me everyday, not only in words, but in the way he looks at me, the way he touches me, and the way he smiles whenever i'm around.
and like when he... has me fall in love with every thing about him, and never fails to prove to me just how lucky i am to have him. :)
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18-21, F
3 Responses Apr 21, 2012

Awesome guy you got there. I got one too.

Aww...that's one helluva sweet guy you got there... :)

he sure is, lol he would think i was some sap if he ever stumbled across my EP account though. he has no idea. it's the alter ego thingy eh???? ;)

haha what do you mean by that?

WOW that so sounds like true love. I am happy for you and I think you TRULY deserve it!

thank you VERY much :) hah and i would say yeah, we're pretty in love.

Ya know, based on your definition of love (Your definition of love answer) I would agree that you are heading there!!!