My Boyfriend Is The Best

He says I love you just because
He makes my heart flutter and buzz
He makes me lunch and makes me drinks
I never have to wonder what he thinks
He holds the door and holds my hand
I never want the day to end
We watch TV and snuggle close
That's maybe what I love the most
He's smart and sweet and never mean
He knows I like to keep things clean
We play outside and in the sun
He appreciates old fashioned fun
He loves the Lord and his family too
I love to tell him "I love YOU"
He guards my mind and also my heart
I hope we'll never be apart
mugglefrog mugglefrog
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

: ) this is so cute. He's lucky to have a girlfriend who appreciates him. Enjoy!

And to think I usually don't even like poetry! :P