The Little Things

Like how he'll wake up at 2am to come get me from the bathroom because I was too scared to walk back on my own lol (was reading a scary book lol). The other night he did that for me, came to get me in the dark, gave me a hug and gave me his half packet of M&Ms too lol. I don't know why but it was just so sweet.

And like how he knows all my faces and what they mean.

And how he gets me to put my feet on his lap when we watch TV.

How he bought me a packet of socks before we went to get me new sneakers because he knew without asking that I'd be embarrassed of my old socks.

How I know the way he smells when he's really really tired.

How I can tell when he really wants something when he's hiding it because its expensive or something lol.

The way he lets me do puzzles in our Nancy Drew games that he knows I am dying to do lol, and vice versa, and we never have to be told 'I really want to do that one'.

He makes me mango ice tea and he always does it perfect for me, not too sweet, not too weak.

How I know what medium means when he's directing me in how to spread peanut butter on his toast.

How he always let's me have the Frostys in the variety cereal pack.

The texts he sends from work even though I know sometimes people tease him for it. And if he calls me in front of people he's never embarrassed about saying he loves me in front of his guy friends.

How I know how to calm him after a bad dream.

How I look for capsicum in everything becuase he's allergic.

They way he reaches for my hand every time I start to get nervous in the mall.

And then there's the way we cuddle and just seem to fit perfectly, and how we make dinner together, and how nice it is to wake up with him beside me. There are so many lovely little things that make my heart lurch.

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Hehe I bet you could guess my answer, we are scarily similar in our thoughts on these sorts of subjects!<br />
I soooo know. <br />
It doesnt take too much for people to know the big things about you, and the medium things too - but people that love you, and not just your partner but very close special friends - know the little things, the almost non-consequential things. Its the small differences that make us unique - so having someone that genuinly loves the small things means you have found someone that truely loves the things that make you, you.<br />
Also, I think when it comes to demonstrating love big gestures are easier - they might take planning, or organisation which could be tricky - but, because of that they are really deliberate and obvious. Its the small little things we do for each other that serve as constant displays of affection. That consistancy and simplicity makes the display more genuine and heart felt.<br />
Or so I think anyway :)

Great story sugar!!<br />
<br />
I love when me and my husband finish each others thought! We don't even have to finish a sentence, cuz it's like I hear the rest of it in my mind!<br />
I also love how we non-verbally communicate!<br />
That is so awesome! :)

Affectioncraver, oh, yes! The foot rubbing too! lol I'll have to read your story! :) Thanks for reading (and liking!) mine!<br />
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bskippystephens, I am very bless to have him. And your right, people who notice are a gift. I always hoped I would find someone who really noticed things about me :). Thank for the comment, your so sweet.<br />
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Tootiefrootie, yeah it is perfect. lol Which doesn't mean we never fight or anything lol. <br />
<br />
Yup, you are so right Aurora, love is in the details. I think love is made up of details... all the little things you notice or know about someone, all the little things you do for them and they do for you, all the things you experienced together. I think in a way that thats love. You know? What do you think? O_o

Aww. Love is in the details :)

you are blessed to have him and he is blessed to have you; a person who notices!

That's exactly what I am getting at too, in my story. Someone to appreciate the little meaningful things that are precious,and bring a smile to our faces. Love the word Frostys ( Way Cool)! How about when you put your feet on his lap, and he rubs them too? UMMMMM<br />
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Sweet stuff. Write more. Your Good!<br />
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Hugs<br />
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