They Make Me Smile

A random text saying he misses me, even though he just left.

Calling to tell me not to worry about dinner, he's taking care of it.

The note on the counter, scribbled on an old envelope, telling me I'm soooo hot!

Doing the laundry (that's actually a big thing, and I appreciate it more than I think he knows!)

Tucking me in to bed every night, because I go to bed earlier than he does.


He makes me feel special every single day, and that just makes me smile!  A lot!

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8 Responses Mar 6, 2010

This is all I ask for

Not much but it really is the little things that make a relationship special, that make you feel special, like you have a point in life.

Ever... "...tuts"??? ...funny... *Sylph looks over hubby...... "tsk, tsk, tsk"..."<br />
<br />
Taken..... maybe your hubby can provide a learning session for all our hubbies... ;)

I think what makes these gestures special is the fact that they initiated it... without any prodding or not even having the gestures as a habit or a routine. It's the spontaneity of their actions that creates that warm fuzzy feeling inside us....... some though are just rhino-thick and a big d-uh?!<br />
<br />
*Sylph puts head on Taken's shoulder and sighs...*

This is such a sweet story. I look for my guy to do these little things for me as well. It makes me feel that much more special.

You are obviously a perfect match. This is a beautiful story which I'm sure leaves many of us (or at least me) feeling a bit envious of your relationship. : )

Awww...sweet... *hugs*<br />
I call those notes as love notes... ;)

This is such a great story! Love it.

Awww....<br />
<br />
Love this story Taken...It's just beautiful :)