I Love The Smell Of My Own Body

I wake up early every morning so horney. I sleep with only a T shirt, and my balls and **** are hanging. I wish i could smell between my legs. And also smell my own *** hole. I love my pee all the time it turns me on
70+, M
3 Responses May 8, 2012

Well, you CAN smell them—just rub your fingers or hand against the area, then smell it.

Chances are you're gay and may be in denial. You're projecting your desire for the **** to your own, so it will be okay.

Wear briefs to bed then take them off in the morning and rub in the creases around your balls, where your balls usually sit in your briefs and then the crack of your ***, where your arsehole would normally be. Alternate sniffing these areas as long as you like. Use the same briefs the next night and do the same.