I Can't Tell You How Many Times I've Done This!

I have stolen shirts from my lovers and kept them close so that I could smell them and their cologne. I have found shirts hidden in some corner or drawer and smelled them. If they don't smell like that man then I feel worse! Some cologne they wear is so intoxicating. The second lover I ever had used to wear Tommy. I am still in love with that scent. He always smelled so good.

Scent is the only sense that goes directly to the center of our brains. The emotional center of our brains takes in the scent and turns it into emotion. This must be stronger in women, I swear!! That's why scent can ignite such a strong memory, even something that we may have forgotten.

I think we like to hold onto memories and smelling a man's shirt can bring back those feelings of intimacy or lust. Phermones from their sweat are also very intoxicating. Listen, if you can get over the pungent smell, you may find that inhaling the sweat odor can affect your mind. Phermones are very strong. I guess it doesn't bother me to smell the sweat, I am not sensitive to odors, usually. I have been known to smell a man's armpit up close. I like the way a man's body smells. I think I am supposed to.

So sniff on, my people!

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Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :-'(<br />
This reminds me of my first time with him, he was lying down on his back, and I was on my tummy next to him, my face over his armpit. He smelled of him, manly and clean and something else that I can't put my finger on. I told him I could fall asleep like that. It amused him. I totally could!

Well....I 'm a man and I love smelling the scent of my wifes cloths.I aslo like my own scent aswell it drive me mad very intoxicating.Sometimes I will just slowly breathe in my wifes sweet scent and,,,,it is like a drug.Sometimes when a female passes by me in a store I will wait for here female scent to follow here like a shadow and inhale her....

I'm a sucker for Tommy!! I had a lover when I was younger and it still thrills me to this day! I like all the AXE body sprays too!

I do like the smell of a man's shirt... the faint cologne and bit of sweat smell is nice :-)

yeah, women are mainly olfactory. we make most of our memories through smell when it comes to love. if you had a bad night of sex and it smelled faintly like lavender, you will not like lavendar anymore lol.<br />
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I also keep my bf's shirt on my bed and sometimes can't fall asleep without it...<br />
<br />
my favorite scents are Old English by juicy coture and Domain by Mary Kay...

I agree! For some reason I love "Fierce" by A&F on a guy. Kind of reminds me of all the h.s. dbag's that wore it... but I can't get enough!

Ya the panty thing is kinda nasty.. I would have to draw the line on sniffing a man's *** crack sweat! Woah!!

ha-ha on the panty smelling... somehow that doesn't work for us gals!!<br />
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couldn't agree more pinup... nothing quite like the smell of a guys shirt after a long day of Hard Labor!! <br />
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~ hmm.. hmmm... hmm.. ~

lol awwww, that's just so romantic (in my mind).<br />
Yes the sense of smell is the strongest in sense that attaches to memories and such (if I've kept up on my scientific studies, i don't think anything else has crept to say otherwise), so if a guy has a certain scent and a woman picks up on it over time, Ka-boom!<br />
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Lol...this is probably a lil' too naughty, but I do the same thing with lover's panties, keep 'em in seperate ziploc bag and everything so I can revisit via smell on occassion, they found it odd, I found it ravishing!

oh ya baby