Natural Smelly Women

I love the wild, careless look of a woman who hasn't washed for some days, and who's not afraid of showing she is smelly and "dirty" (in both senses). That includes of course not using any kind of perfume or deodorant, not shaving pits, ***** or anything, and going maybe one week or even more without a shower, always using sleeveless blouses to allow her body odor to spread. I think going barefoot all around and getting dirty feet also contributes to that wild sexy look.
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1 Response Sep 7, 2012

Sad to see you're not getting a lot of support on this one, but I'm right there with you! Dirty is insanely sexy! Not 'rotten' dirty, mind you, but certainly smelly and unkempt looking. Of course I want her to be healthy, eat well, exercise, and otherwise make good choices about taking care of herself to last and age well, all while smelling and looking dirty.

Yes! Thanks for the answer, I completely agree with you, there is not as sexy as a woman who is smelly and looks unkempt. I hope more of us will convince them to be like that!