I am a female and I am soooooo addicted to my boyfriend's @ss. I love smelling it, especially after he's been out working in the yard or at the end of the day. The longer his @ss ferments, the better. The scent is a total panty lub for me. I wish I could be smelling his @ss at the same time he is fusking me. I also like smelling his shorts. When he goes away on a trip, he wears the same shorts during his travel time especially for me. When he comes home, he give them to me and I immediatedly start smelling them. I usually sleep with his shorts on my pillow for about two nights. YUMMMY!!

I am not joking around. I really do love my boyfriend's @ss. Never felt this way about any other man except for him. At first I was embarrassed and was ashamed to tell him, but he told me never to be ashamed of my sexuality.

I am definitely in the minority, but I know there has to be other women out there who love the smell of juicy @ss.

Happy Sniffing!
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Wonderful stuff. Your bf's lucky to have you. It's so nice for a male to have his bum so lovingly sniffed. Are you into any poop smells he gives off or is it just the sweat and phermones that do it for you?

My girlfriend likes fingering my ******* and then smelling her fingers. Do you do the same?