Loving It Now

at first I found the smell of my *** really disgusting, but over time i got used to it.
when I was younger, like 10 or 11, i didn't care so much for thorough showers, guess that was part of the reason lol.
now though I'm at the point where i've learned to actually love my smell...it's tangy, but just the right amount of tangy.
of course touching my backdoor and smelling myself has become routine during ************ too, i couldn't live anymore without it. :)

most people that get near my rear enjoy my tangy smell too!
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33 Responses May 30, 2013

I'll pee inside your butt!!

**** stood at attention. I love sniffing my girls butthole after work. And especially after a workout. I'm inclined to just dive right in and clean it with my tongue.

Mmm ******* sexy

Yes especially after hitting the gym the smell just gets better

yeah that slightly dirty smell and sweat go well together ;)

Mmmm :)

I'd love to lick and tongue-**** your sweet tangy ***.


Wish I could smell your butthole.... and toss it too :)

**** you sound hot babe x

I would love to kiss your *** and stick my tongue in it!

So ******* hot mmmmmmmmmmm

Im the same way :$
Some days when im home from work and i am getting changed i slip my finger back there to touch my ***... that smell... can be intoxicating


My face could be the the throne that pampers ur decious hinnie... To hear your gasp & coos as i lick & penatrate that sweet lil pucker with my strong & fast tongue. To feel u start to spasm & throbb as you gushed all over my face. While ur *** wiggles & you watch my swollen lil guy pulse wantin & needing your touch? Mmmm

If you were around me, you'd never have to wash it because I would lick it clean for you anytime you wanted it washed. I'd also love wearing the smell of it as my cologne everyday.

...and I would love to get near your rear to enjoy it too! <3

I love having my BBW wife sit on my face.
I couldn't get out if I tried.
The smell of her ***** and ******* being rubbed into my mouth and nose makes me ***

I love it when its not been washed for a few days, WOW its like so hot to sniff then lick clean. Love meeting backpackers whos hygiene is not great because they cant wash every day. Be hot to smell and eat your ***

I would love to have a Facesitting from your smelly bum ! hands hold bound to my sides and when i try to turn my head, you direct it with you feed so that my nose stands up again :D and then press your *** on my face, and all i can sniff is you :)

I love being in that position, having complete control over you while I watch you get all hard just by my smell and taste ;)

Yeah i can imagine you like this position. I would be totaly dominated :) even if i would try to lift my head and upper body you would deny it, by just pressing your bum harder in my face. And i even cannot use my hands to try and defend against your overwhelming smelling bum :D you move back and forward so thaz my nose slides even deeper beetween you bumcheeks and i have to smell more. i want to cover my erection which i get just from sniffing your smell and beeing your bumslave :D how long was it unwashed to dominate me ? :-p and would you realy demand that i lick it then?

i love a smelly and tasty butt
so stop cleaning it !!! and come to me :)

if u love tangy den i can bet you my backdoor smells better

I would like to smell your tangyness

Well I'm glad that there are girls who are into this... it's probably one of my fantasies. I would want a girl who would smell her own *** and like it. I would like to finger a girl's *******, pull it out and make her smell it again and again.


Mmmm... Wow. Id love to enjoy your dirty ***. ;-)

there are more naughty people around here than i though :p

Sounds amaaazing :)

tangy *** mmm.

yes I also love my sweet *** smell!! Wonderful others enjoy it as well!!

My tongue is like a chicken nugget and I want to dip it in your sweet(*****) and sour (butthole) sauce.


Wow. You are an amazing girl. Wish there.were more like you. I think we have a bit in common. Message.me. Id love to smell and taste your smelly unwashed *** hun.

Here's the deal , if there was a chance and we actually got to meet each other i would have to taste your tangy places. I think i would love to taste you all over. You can be yourself around me. I dont care if you want to get sweaty for a couple of days and wear your shoes with no socks. Then ***** naked and rub your scent all over my naked body.

I will lick you clean all over starting and finishing on your tush. I will most likly *** all over you and have to lick all of me off you too.

Wow reading this has my **** so hard . I love girls with smelly *** . The smell is so erotic , sexy and the taste is always great..

Can we see your pretty little *******?

I wasn't into dirty *** smell either when I was younger, but now I think it's overpoweringly sexy. I love unwashed *** whiff, and the more poorly wiped the *** it's from, the better!

Such an addicting smell! :)