Long Ride Home

My very dirty girl friend She loves to let her self get really dirty and stinky on the weekends we were traveling in my truck Sunday after a weekend of wetting our self's and no showering we were both very dirty and we don't change our cloths unless we get wet and it did rain saterday so she and I did change into shorts but no shower well we were on the road for a few hour's and all the sudden I started smelling stale air like you smell from a old tire when you let the air out of it I looked over at her and saw she had spreed her legs wide apart and was rubbing her crotch threw her dirty shorts! WOW I told her you stink!! And she smiled and said good I love the way I smell!!! What a fun ride home it was!!!
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3 Responses May 9, 2012

I hope you showed her your appreciation properly as soon as you got home. You know she really wanted you to do her orally after such a performance.

yes so true and I did!

Would love to get a whiff!! :-)

Nice and lucky.