My Married Stinky *****

I **** this married woman in her husband's bed. she has two kids and usually they're in the next room (they never see me come in or out). the best part about this is that we have very limited time between her husband leaving for work in the morning and coming back in the afternoon.

She barely has the time to wake up and fix him breakfast and see him off, the kids are most likely giving her distractions of their own, and the minute her husband drives away: boom, I'm at the door texting her phone "I'm here. open the door". She complains that she never gets the time to "look right" for me. She hates her husband and they don't have any passionate sex and she stopped trying to look good or smell good for him a long time ago, but she wants to do that for me, but there's just not enough time. She's always embarrassed about her smell or her hairy armpits and hairy ***** and her sticky rotten heated crotch, but I LOVE IT!

She would greet me with a light kiss, her face red with a bashful smile, too self-conscious. But i would hug her and squeeze her and kiss her heavily trying to assure her with my body language that it's alright and that she turns me on as she is, but she'd still be nervous about her condition.. and she is SMELLY!!! I would be embarrassed too if I smelled like that, but I love it on her. I try to make as much physical contact as possible and I keep my nose alert because I know this won't last for much longer. She would shyly mention her dirty state and excuse herself to have quick shower. I reluctantly let go. The first time this happened I thought "too bad she's that uncomfortable without showering" but when she came back from the indeed "quick" shower, I found out that she still smelled like before only milder.

That seemed like a great deal to me. The stink was turned down a bit, in return, she lost most of her self-consciousness and now she's comfortable enough to allow me to get really close so i can secretly enjoy my fetish without offending her.. I'd burry my face in her meaty armpits making the excuse that I love armpits and hers are especially appealing. She likes it and feels flattered about it, but all I think about is that smell stuck after days (I assume) without showering. It makes me go wild! That smell goes straight through my nose into my throbbing penis. It’s magical!

There have been a few situations where she was able to "get ready" before i came over. She would have smooth shaved ***** and smooth shaved armpits, and her hair would be done nicely.. This looks amazing for a change. I don't mind shaved women at all. Especially this one, because even in this situation she just doesn't seem to be able to get rid of all the smell. All that happens is that she gains more confidence and becomes more open to my interest in her dirty naught areas. She thinks she's clean, and it turns me on so much that this is "clean" for her, and this is the “best” she could do with her profoundly dirty and untamed body.
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YES! I'm not the only one! I think a stinky ***** is the way it was intended to be, they just stink so ******* good and the best ***** is the ***** that stains your fingers for a day or two so I can sniff them while jacking my **** off. It makes me *** hard...

Nice story again, cakm2! You should try and convince her that being some days without a shower is ok, and that she smells great. Maybe she starts being proud of her BO, instead of embarassed by it.

You lucky dog, you! I would do all I could to lick her armpits and crotch clean before she could wash even a little of it away... :-o