Foot Fetish

This my first story and very short. It is about an experience of mine at my wife's work place. My wife as an employer once employed a very beautiful recently wed woman. Whenever I went to her work place we exchanged some smiles stilthy. I always looked at her feet which were really gorgeous. I always loved sniffing her legs after a long day work in a hot summer day. Once I noticed that she has changed her shoes and is wearing slippers instead of her boots in workplace. After she left hope, her slippers were left at work place. In an appropriate moment when my wife was out I started sniffing the slippers the smell was awful and it caused an instantaneous erection in me. I started sniffing and licking the slipper as I *********** and I had a very nice ***********. At that time I noticed that my wife has returned but fortunately she did not understood what I had done. I love to hear comments from both men and women on this experiment.
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Interesting. In my case for some reason I can't (or my brain) cannot catch the pheromone high from a shoe, I tried it before, but the material always won over her scent. <br />
I guess that I had always liked first the woman, then the ob<x>ject, unfortunately it is hard for them to understand, when I travel overseas, masseuses have offered me a "hand" in exchange of a tip, which I always politely decline, but once I did a little experiment and told a few of them (completely casual), without "perv" eyes or anything, if I could get a whiff of their feet and they make a "shock" face or say "no no no" and the ones that do the walk over your back, always lack of any scent whatsoever, pretty disappointing bcs. sometimes it actually hurt and the only thing I get is at least one sore muscle.

I know exactly what you mean, I smell more of the leather then anything. If I had to choose, I would also just rather take a whiff straight from the foot! However, this is much harder to do stealthfully!

This is actually not uncommon at all...many men are fixated on sight, touch and smell of women's feet..and/or their's very diverse and I notice that most have a particular style of shoe...trainers or sneakers, pumps, stilletos ..many seem to love my preference for high heeled fact..I've sold about 12 pair to guys all over the world in the last what's wrong with them indulging themselves on their favorite turn on...xo

did your wife get upset with you? i never met anyone with this sort of fetish, i am self-consicence of my feet