It's One Of The Joys Of Life

I went through a period of financial hardship and got fed up with the price of good bread. Also, I had never baked bread in my life, and I decided that as important as bread is, I should bake some. That was about fifteen years ago, and I’ve bought less than fifteen loaves in those years. For the first five years, I made bread entirely by hand. Then I decided to cheat; I bought a factory-refurbished heavy-duty Kitchen Aid mixer to help. The regular beater activates the gluten in the batter better and the dough-hook saves time and effort kneading the dough.  I’ve made all kinds of bread, but my mainstay is whole wheat (Bob’s Red Mill) made with blackberry honey. Somehow, baking my own bread is very empowering. No matter how many loaves I’ve made, I still love the smell of freshly baked bread.

happinins happinins
51-55, M
Mar 16, 2010