I'm Convinced Garlic Is An Aphrodisiac.

I find the scent of garlic amazingly sexy. Fresh from the earth, garlic is sharp and spicy like a wild onion. It makes me think of that sexual tension that crackles in the air after a few drinks. Talk to me. Let's make wicked innuendos.

And minced garlic in the frying pan... wow. The full tangy scent, pungent but no longer sharp. Like sweat in the sheets. My nostrils fill and flare with it; trying to suck in the entirety of this lush scent. sense. sensuality. It's an olfactory come-on.

Roast garlic: a little more rare, because of the effort it takes. Full heads of garlic put into the oven and slow roasted until the meat of the garlic becomes a soft, rich paste. You can spread it like butter and revel in its nutty smell. What luxury! The taste is sweet and mellow, heavy and comforting. It reminds me of resting my face against my husband's naked shoulder. The smell of warmth. The feel of deep relaxation. Oh I love you. Love that garlic too.


ohsovery ohsovery
26-30, F
Jul 7, 2008