It Makes Me Salivate...

So yeah.. I used to smoke a hell of a lot back in the day y'know? Just kinda hit a wall with it all..don't smoke anymore... dont even drink coffee now ffs.... hahahaha... i'm such a blummin lightweight XD!
I still do appriciate the smell of a freshly opened baggie though..and always ask my friends if i can 'have a go' at sniffing their stash... it seriously makes me salivate still... mmm mmm mmmmmmm.... lol !!
I like to be around friends when they are having a sesh..and kind of passive smoke.. haha, i get a nice mild buzz without any of the panic and anxiety i was experiencing before i had to knock it all on the head.
I think i will always appriciate the smell of good pot :)
biteybikerchick biteybikerchick
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

I walked past a street corner in central manchester and was chatting on the phone when I walked through the samoke of a 'j'.. Stopped talking and stopped walking and simply going 'mmmmmmm' down the phone..... I still love that smell even after giving up many years ago.....
You gave up coffeee!!!!!!!!!