Honeysuckle, Sweet Honeysuckle

Oh Honeysuckle! That is one of the many things I miss from my old home. I used to love sleeping with the widow open in the summer because you could smell it in the morning.  Honeysuckle grew everywhere there, behind my house, in the woods around my house, by the parks, schools. etc. The frist memory I have with honeysuckle was when I was a walking on the bikepath with my boyfriend (well now ex, considering it was about 4 years ago) and he plucked one up, ripped on the end, and sucked the dew from it. I, of course, looked at him like he was nuts. Ha, but I had to give him credit, it was sweet. Aw, now I miss my old home....I should buy a honeysuckle plant!

XxSperanzaXx XxSperanzaXx
26-30, F
Feb 18, 2009