I have lavender, soap, lavender cologne, lavender candles, lavender sachets, lavender aromatheraphy, lavender shampoo....yes I am addicted to lavender and love it so.

tatteredwings tatteredwings
8 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Im also addicted!! I use it everyday!! Whenever I am stressed out or nervous, I spray some lavender on, and instantly I feel calmer!!<br />

Love making lavender sachets :) makes the rooms smell so sweet and vanilla ones too

My daughter hates the smell of lavender, but she buys lavender products for me because she knows I love them so much.

yeah you can use lavender for so many things :)

I've used pure essential oil of Lavender to help me relax, treat sunburn, and get rid of headlice.

Thanks heather will look around in the spring to see if I can find some to plant cause I need some luck flying my way :)

It is Good Luck to have Lavender planted near your door step

No I do not but that is a good idea I may try and find a garden center in the summer and see if they sell them.