The Smell Of Leather

Leather has a number of wonderful qualities.

Leather is so rugged, yet at the same time soft and supple. Leather feels like no other substance when you draw a well fitting garment onto your body... just like a second skin. The feel is best enjoyed in a total body experience. To get that, I slide in to a full bore motorcycle racing suit. The imbedded protective body armor adds rigidity in certain places that simply heightens the turn-on.

Leather sounds so good too. If you take that snug comfy leather suit and move about, the sounds are almost erotic. When you sit on a soft leather sofa, the acoustic effect of leather on leather is multiplied.

But perhaps leather's best quality is the aroma. Soft on the nostrils, yet so exciting. When the scent gets you aroused, the addition of the faint hint of perspiration creates a crescendo of olfactory delight.

Sure you love the smell of leather. It is perhaps one of natures strongest erotic scents.That is what this group is about and it was meant to be shared.

Go enjoy your leather and share the experience. Then come back here and tell us about so we can have as much fun with it as you did.
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2 Responses Jul 23, 2010

Hi. I agree there is nothing quite like leather. The smell and of course the loveky creak it makes with every movement of your body.My first experience of leather was when I bought my first leather jacket.I had a problem with the zip and the shop assistant helped with it. By that time I had a beautiful hardon and I am sure that he was aware of it!!.Later when I bought my first bike I bought a black leather jeans which fitted well over my butt and was a great turn-on.I have also been caned whilst bending in my jeans but must admit it is far more enjoyable getting the cane over a bare butt. Leather is certainly a very sexy material and wish more guys would wear leather.I still get hard when I see guys in full racing leathers or guys in leather jeans.

Hey LeatherKnight Rider, Sounds lke you really ride those leathers !!!! I hope you apply leather lotion to those leathers to keep them soft, pliable, and great smelling. Also gives your leathers a nice shine. Might as well show off your chest, back and hind end in your leathers. As you said everyone wishes they were you riding a bike in leathers and experiencing nature as intended. What a great feeling !!! Keep biking and wearing your LEATHERS !!!!!!